What Is Carpet Agitation?

Carpet agitation, is a professional technique used to restore the appearance and improve the longevity of carpets. Over time, carpets can become flattened and worn due to foot traffic, furniture placement, and general wear and tear.

Carpet re-piling involves using specialized equipment (CRB) with various stiffness of brushes to lift the carpet fibers and restore their natural shape. This process not only plumps the carpet’s appearance but also removes all the dust and hairs trapped in the carpet fibers. The basic principle behind carpet re-piling is to reverse the effects of foot traffic that’s occured over a long period of time. 


The agitating process 


This process involves vigorously brushing the fibers with a (CRB) in various directions, loosening any dirt or debris that may be trapped within the carpet and allowing the fibers to regain their natural resilience. Once the carpet re-piling process is complete, the technician may apply a protective treatment, such as a carpet protector, to help prevent future damage and keep your carpet looking fresh for longer.

 The final process is to steam clean the carpet.

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